Mission & Vision


We live in Azerbaijan and for Azerbaijan, for its prosperity and development. Our mission is to provide every person with new, luxury and useful products. We work for profit, but profit that will serve to the benefit of our people.

Our slogan is: "To preserve and improve human life."

We guide the following principles in realization of our mission:

  • To confirm trustworthy company influence that preserves its responsibilities to the customers, consumers and partners;
  • To offer only high quality services;
  • To improve available technologies and develop new solutions to the tasks determined;
  • To regularly expand the areas of activities of our group of companies complying with the demand of clients and creativity potential of our personnel.


  • Our vision is to become the recognized leader and preferred company by our customers in all spheres we work.
  • We strive to be a reliable partner, ensure transparent business and fair competition.
  • To become a company that will enhance employees and being enhanced by them. 
  • With our successful activity to contribute to the economic development of our country benefiting from the global resources more efficiently to provide our people with good-quality and tasteful products.