AELA Ltd. Construction Company


"AELA" Ltd. Construction Company is one of the groups of EL Holding. It was established in 1996 to implement the construction projects of the Holding. During the early years of the activities the company implemented several projects for the agricultural sector, and then started construction of the community housing facilities.

Soon, the company will launch a new project in the Shuvelan resort area, which is located at about 40 km from the Baku centre, close to the north Caspian coast & beach facilities. The project is designed to comply and satisfy the taste and housing preferences of the middle-class Azerbaijani population.

The project envisages building the elite residence & neighbourhood in the 44.6 ha area which will include the high-class cottages, greenery, pool & entertainment facilities. The land is a private ownership of the company and the project has already been approved by the authorities. The project site is linked to the highway and all other infrastructure of the district, very close to the high-class residence & trade centres.