About the Holding

General information

"EL Holding" is one of the big groups of companies in Azerbaijan engaged in various sectors of economy. Today Holding is successfully operating in the sectors as cargo transportation and industrial production.    

The development dynamics and economic potential of the country as well as the organisational stability and financial sustainability, experienced and professional team are the core factors of our development.

We are expanding the range of international partners, new brands are entering our market and we offer more premium products to our people. The industrial production is growing. To increase the cargo transportations,we have  established representative offices in three cities of China.

Today Holding is expanding its activities outside the country and realises various business projects. The projects rely on the opinions of the experienced experts which stipulate their quality and profitability. "EL Holding" perceives its responsibility on improving the economic development of our country and level of population welfare. The main principle of "EL Holding" is to ensure the long-term partnership based on mutual respect and fairness.

We stay dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers based on the customer satisfaction, quality maintenance and social responsibility. We will continue to offer our people the high-quality goods and services that will improve their welfare and contribute to development of Azerbaijan, raising its image as a reliable business partner.