"EL-Mag" Mini Plant


"EL Mag" is a mini-plant assigned for oil and oil waste refining to produce unstable petrol (USP), fuel and black oil.

Main technical characteristics

The plant consists of 2 installations (atmosphere and vacuum) with the capacities depending on the used raw materials.

Characteristics min max
By crude oil 200 t/day 300 t/day
By oil residue
(mixed oil residue, used mixure of petrol oils and others)
400 t/day 600 t/day
Occupied area 0.6 ha 1.0 ha

Received products 

By refining crude oil
Unstable petrol (USP)          octane N 55/66
Diesel oil  mark L-40 and L-62
Black oil mark M-100
By refining of oil residue
Technical kerosene  
Diesel oil mark L-40 and L-62
Light petroleum oil specific gravity 0.87 / 0.89 g/k cm2
Black oil  mark M-100

The oil refining process is realised in the atmosphere and vacuum installations.

Safety advantages

Fire and Ecological Safety

Mini-plan is completely equipped for fire prevention and safety. All platform stairs are provided by water and steam fire extinguishing techniques. The refining process is wasteless. Disposable oil products into air and land space are in within the limits of allowable concentrates.

Comparative advantages

  • Simplicity of technology and easy control process;
  • Possibility of work installation with oil waste with the high water maintenance (up to 5%);
  • Economy and compactness while disposal of main equipments and technological ties;
  • Relatively low loss of oil products in exploitation (up to 1%) and lesser expense of energy carriers, lower costs of energy carriers.