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“EL METAL PLUS” Closed Joint-Stock Company steel plant is part of the “EL Holding” group of companies.

“EL METAL PLUS” CJSC steel plant has been operating since 2016. The plant produces steel from scrap metal, semi-finished products and construction rebars.

“EL METAL PLUS” CJSC steel production plant consists of steel smelting shop, various rolling rebar shop, mechanical repair shop, scrap metal processing area and modern substation areas. The production capacity of the plant is 7,000-10,000 tons per month and 84,000-120,000 tons per year.

During the period of its activity, the application of modern machinery and equipment in order to improve production processes and product quality has been one of the main priorities of the company.

“EL METAL PLUS” CJSC closely cooperates with companies from Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and a number of European countries. A number of leading local companies are regular customers of the plant.


Production process

The main product of the company is the production of A500c rebar in accordance with GOST34028-2016 standard and B500с rebar in accordance with EN 10080-2005 standard. Dimensions of the rebar - = F 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28 and 32 mm, L = 12m.

15-ton induction furnaces owned by the Turkish company “5M” in the steel smelting shop of “EL METAL PLUS” CJSC, two-way CCM equipment of the Turkish company “AS Metal Makina” in the field of continuous paste casting, and equipment of the Turkish company “Ekoterm” in the field of rolling various construction fittings installed.

Equipped with the highest equipment in Turkey and Europe, the plant starts production in steel smelting induction furnaces. The two-way CCM continuous casting machine produces 130x130mm GOST380-2005 brand Ct 1-6 steel. Heat-treated steel reinforcement (A500c and B500c) for reinforced concrete structures has state certificates as the main product and EN 10080-2005 TÜV Austria certificate.


Quality control

Product quality management and testing work play an important role in the activities of “EL METAL PLUS” CJSC. For this purpose, the plant has an express spectral analysis laboratory equipped with modern equipment and a German-made hydraulic mechanical testing laboratory with a measuring range of 20 tons, 50 tons and 100 tons.

The Express Spectrol Analysis Laboratory analyzes the chemical composition of steel ingots. The mechanical testing laboratory determines the quality of the final product. The mechanical test laboratory is equipped with a German-made (pulling, tearing, breaking) test machine. The test machine allows to carry out current and certification tests of the main product - 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28 and 32 mm profile rebars according to GOST 12004-81.




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